RYA / MCA Powerboat Courses and Certification

The RYA Powerboat Certificates of Competence are used all over the world by skippers working around harbours and offshore. International commercial (RYA/MCA) and recreational ICC certificates available. We are the leading yacht training academy in South Africa. Our courses cover local training, exams for South Africa and specialist courses for people boating abroad.

RYA Powerboat Training Courses

This includes Superyacht crew, Yachtmaster, Stewardesses, Fishing/Dive charters, and Harbour Masters. The advanced commercial qualifications allow skippers to work on 24 meter powerboats up to 20 miles off shore during the day and night. This is equivalent to the RYA Yachtmaster Coastal Motor Cruising Certificate. All these courses and exams are supported by the MCA. Other courses compliment these key qualifications.

Anyone joining the Superyacht industry will be pleased to hear that the new RYA Tender Operators course is now available with us. See the information below.

Our RYA Powerboat Level 2 course offers a thorough introduction to powerboat handling. It is often used as the prerequisite for attending other courses and is the perfect introduction to power-boating for anyone wanting to attend a practical informative 2 day training course. It can also provide valuable experience for anyone looking to gain the SAMSA under 9m skippers license.

The Yacht industry widely accepts this certificate as a starting point for their crew. However the bench mark is moving and for crew wishing to drive the full range of tenders a yacht offers will need to have some practical experience and have other courses such as the Tender Operator or Advanced powerboat course and for those with a seasons experience the Advance Exam and commercial endorsement.


Topics covered include:

  • Launching and recovery
  • Confined space maneuvering
  • Mooring
  • Man over board procedure
  • Anchoring
  • Towing
  • Engine checks
  • High speed handling
  • Collision regulations
  • Buoyage
  • Basic chart work and navigation
  • Tides
  • Communication afloat
  • Emergency procedures

Your level 2 certificate can also have the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) for vessels up to 10 m / 33ft. We also offer the CEVNI (European inland waterways theory) test. The ICC is only available to people aged 16 years+, British and SA nationals and others can apply for this. Please contact us to confirm eligibility.

SAMSA training and exams can also be linked into the course. This allows you to enjoy power-boating in South Africa and with the RYA certificates most of the pleasure boating world.

The Yacht Captains and the Professional Yacht Association (PYA) along with the RYA recognised the need for more skilled and knowledgeable tender skippers. This course is for the Superyacht deck crew and stewardesses wishing to drive the yachts tenders. It will be a perfect stepping stone to the Advanced Powerboat course and exam.

To teach tender driving up to the required standard to carry passengers and other crew members to and from the superyacht by day and night.

This course is designed to build on a candidate’s basic knowledge of power-boating and candidates should gain confidence in their own competence. They will have plenty of time for practice of techniques in working with a crew member and short-handed. It is important that candidates understand the emphasis of the course is ship to shore transfers, and associated skills rather than coastal cruising.

Candidates should gain an appreciation of their role as tender skipper and their responsibilities in addition to helming skilfully.

Topics covered include:

  • Launching and recovery, Yacht davits
  • Confined space maneuvering
  • Mooring, beach landings
  • Skipper responsibilities
  • Guest and crew management
  • Guest safety and care
  • Man over board practice day and night
  • Anchoring
  • Engine checks
  • High speed handling
  • Collision regulations
  • Buoyage
  • GPS Plotter and depth equipment
  • Communication afloat
  • Local rules and regulations
  • Emergency procedures


Entry requirements: Must hold the RYA Powerboat Level 2 with coastal endorsement. It is recommended that candidates hold a valid First Aid Certificate and the RYA VHF/SRC certificate.

Drop us an email or book direct on our calendar.


This course covers boat handling, seamanship, day & night pilotage and coastal navigation up to the standards required to drive a powerboat safely by day and night in tidal coastal waters.

This course in conjunction with the exam and commercial endorsement is used all over the world for boat skippers working anything up to 20 miles off shore. This could include Super Yacht tenders, chase boats, fishing and dive charters, Police, rescue, oil rigs, harbour masters and others looking for MCA endorsed certificate of competence.

Typical overview of Advanced course

  • 1100 Arrive Sail and Power SA classroom and check in, Welcome and issue of life jackets etc.
  • Classroom session including a planning for a day and night passage in coastal waters
  • 1300 Lunch
  • 1330 Launch RIB if it is not already in the water. Instructor’s safety briefing and familiarisation, Complete safety checks including daily and periodic checks on both petrol and diesel engines, how to bleed the fuel system and how to change a propeller
  • 1400 Depart for a short day passage taking into account navigational hazards, using transits clearing lines as well as electronic navigational equipment. Carry out a harbour entry using pilotage skills
  • 1600 Return run demonstrating the correct use of trim and discussing action to be taken in rougher weather conditions
  • 1630 Recap the Man Overboard procedure. All students to practice MOB and discuss recovery in all conditions
  • 1700 Return to base. Dinner ashore followed by a classroom session on emergency situations including fire prevention and firefighting, hull damage, towing and being towed, flares and helicopter rescue
  • 1800 Depart for a pre-planned night passage and harbour entry demonstrating keeping a proper lookout. The night exercise will also include identifying lit and unlit navigational marks
  • 2100 Return, depending on Sunset times.

Second Day

  • 0900 Classroom session covering sources of weather forecast information, the Beaufort scale and the interpretation of synoptic charts. Navigation at higher speed using time / distance will also be discussed. Safety and search patterns.
  • 1100 Close quarters handling including all berthing and situations in various conditions of wind and tide. Advanced boat handling skills in confined spaces will also be covered considering the differences for twin engine vessels, various hull forms and propeller configurations
  • 1300 Lunch
  • 1400 More boat handling focusing on picking up and departing from a mooring buoy and anchoring in various conditions
  • 1530 Arrive back at base. Clean up and recovery of RIB

We will be pleased advise you on the course/s you need.


This Exam is required for persons looking to gain a commercial endorsement and for and Powerboat instructors looking to become Advanced Instructors. The exam is not required for anyone holding the Yachtmaster Power C of C.

Entry requirements:

  • Knowledge of navigation and chart work to Coastal skipper level (for an extra fee we can provide navigation tuition prior to the course)
  • RYA VHF radio licence
  • First Aid at Sea Certificate (STCW)
  • Logged Sea Time, 30 days, 2 as skipper, 800 miles, 12 night hours.
  • Logged Sea Time if you hold the Advanced course certificate, 20 days, 2 as skipper, 400 logged miles and 12 night hours (in addition to the sea time on the course)

Minimum age: 17

Exam duration: 3 to 8 hours depending on numbers, maximum 3 students, Exam will include night driving and navigation.

Prices include: Payment is paid direct to RYA, a local fee for RIB hire and fuel will also apply.

We will be pleased advise you on the course/s you need.

RYA/MCA Advanced Powerboat Commercial Endorsement


Commercial Endorsement: Required if you wish to drive an MCA coded boat up to 24m in length / 80 gross tons to Category 3 (20 miles from a safe haven, day and night).

You will need:

  • Medical (ENG 1 available from approved marine Doctors)
  • Sea survival certificate (STCW)
  • Certificate for RYA online course (Professional Practices and Responsibilities)
  • Advanced Powerboat Exam Certificate

This is not a course, once you have all the certificates they are sent to the RYA for your endorsement.


We will be pleased advise you on the course/s you need.